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Easy! What is the main beverage you drink every day to maintain your health, to help with recovery from exercise or to just quench your thirst?


  • Is it water? Water is ok, and healthy for you, but once in a while you might want something different. Something that will taste good and do more than hydrate you. Something that could help you recover faster from exercise. Something that may help you control aches and pains better. Try Cherry Works Montmorency concentrate in your workout bottle or in your glass of water for a change.
  • Is it a sports beverage? While they replace electrolytes, they are often sweetened with high fructose syrups or excessive sugars which can cause damage to the body and especially the teeth. Try Cherry Works Montmorency concentrate in water instead. It tastes like cherry pie without the guilt, the sugars are naturally occurring and the high anti-oxidant content of the cherry is just what the leading experts in the country want you to have in your diet. They are telling us to get our health from our food.
  • Is it soda? You may not know this, but soda deplete your potassium levels in your body and the large amounts of sugar can be damaging the long term enough to cause a medical condition. There are known health risks to consuming high fructose corn syrup. There are no known health benefits to any soda. Try Cherry Works instead. It has a much lower sugar content and a high amount of an anti-oxidant called proanthocyanidin that can help keep your physical body healthy.
  • Is it coffee? Coffee is a stimulant. Caffeine needs Vitamin B-12 to be active. It also needs huge amounts of calcium to be removed from the body through the kidneys. B-12 and calcium are not things you want to be deficient in if you care about your health. Coffee is good once in a while, but why not break things up a little and drink something that is actually good for you? Try Cherry Works concentrate in some water to give you a pleasant refreshing beverage that has antioxidants derived from the pigment of the cherry that can improve your overall health.
  • Is it an energy drink? Energy drinks deplete your body of B-12 and calcium which when done over a long time will lead to fatigue that cannot be overcome by caffeine. High amounts of sugar or fructose corn syrup can damage your body leading to pre-diabetes. Artificial sweeteners have their own set of health risks as well. Why not go natural once in a while? You don't have to give up energy drinks just drink something that will not cause electrolyte levels to drop, and increase your blood sugar to insane levels. Try our Cherry Works Concentrate that has a great taste and has always been healthy for you.