Why is your brand more expensive than other brands I have seen?
Just as all orange juices are not the same, all cherry concentrates are the not the same. Cherry Works begins by using only the finest Montmorency cherries. Then, through our special CherryChill™ process, the fresh-picked cherries are bottled into an oxygen barrier free, food-grade aluminum bottle to maintain freshness and potency. Also the cherries in our products come straight from the farm to the processing plant, and then are concentrated and bottled all in the same facility.
What's the difference between the Joint and Sleep formulas?
The Joint Formula is made with a blend of tart cherries, hney (from the bees that pollinate the trees), and ceylon cinnamon. These all aid in inflammation reduction. The Sleep Formula is a blend of tart cherry, L-theanine, valerian root and chamomile. The natural melatonin in the cherry may help you sleep, while the added ingredients are designed to help calm the nervous system.
How do I know if the concentrate is still safe to drink?
If the color of the concentrate is still red, it is fine to drink.
Do I refrigerate after opening?
Yes, the sooner it is refrigerated, the longer Cherry Works will last. But the goal is to drink it every day.
What time of the day should I take it?
You can take the concentrate and Joint formula anytime. It is recommended to take the Sleep formula at night.
What else can I mix my Cherry Works with other than water?
Cherry Works tastes great in other juices, sodas, smoothies, over ice cream, in yogurt, salad dressings, sauces and glazes. See the recipe page for more information on uses.
How much concentrate is in the tablet?
One serving of both the chewable and CherriMax tablets contain 1,000 mg of tart cherry skin powder, providing a similar amount of tart cherry foudn in our Original Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate.
Are your cherries imported?
We use primarily Michigan cherries whenever possible, but depending on crops and weather, have augmented with cherries from other states within the United States. We feel passionate about providing the best quality, American-made product available.
Is the concentrate touching the aluminum can?
No, the product is protected by a food grade liner.
Do you use pesticides?
Yes. However, each year we test for pesticide residue in our products and have yet to find any pesticides detected.