Welcome to Cherry Works™, where you have all the amazing benefits of tart cherries in premium dietary supplements that are effective, convenient, and delicious. We’ve pioneered a process that captures all the goodness of tart cherries, while keeping it real and totally natural. Science keeps discovering more health benefits of these super-fruit jewels. Michelle’s Miracle makes sure you have it all in the purest way possible.

THE ONE AND ONLY CherryChill™ Process

Brought to you from the Land of Tart Cherries, Michelle’s Miracle® Cherry Works™ dietary supplements contain only the choicest tart cherries that are cold-packed and flash-pasteurized in packaging that prevents oxidation and optimizes their natural flavor and potency in a way you won’t find anywhere else.


  • All Natural
  • Non-GMO†
  • No Sugar Added‡
  • No Additives
  • BPA-Free Packaging (BPA-NI)
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Food Grade Liner
  • No Preservatives

Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s whole life purpose has been driven to help people. While she didn’t know what that looked like, she positively knew that was her purpose. Was she going to be an early education teacher, a social worker, or a health food store owner? All she knew for sure was that someday she would help people, in some significant way.

Michelle spent a great deal of time going to college, traveling and “finding” herself. It was in 1999 when that something happened, something that not only changed her life, but fulfilled her purpose! Michelle discovered tart cherries! She was going to college (again) and raising her beautiful identical twin boys. It was at a fruit processing plant where she worked when it all came together. Michelle will forever be grateful for that experience, as it lead her to her purpose.

While working in that processing plant, she had encounter after encounter with people coming in and asking for the tart cherry concentrate. The processing plant didn't even charge them as it was considered a by-product. However, the recipients claimed it helped with their aches and pains.

Soon after, a woman called from Detroit stating she recently heard a radio story touting the fact that tart cherry concentrate had many healing properties and wondered how she could purchase it. That was it! In an instant, Michelle had a vision—to educate the public about the power of tart cherries and offer a new product.

Immediately thereafter, she started researching the benefits of tart cherries and soon discovered that she was really onto something and declared… "I'm going for it!" She went to her entrepreneur father and asked for his help to create a business plan. On March 23, 2001, Michelle took a huge leap of faith on "a pit and a prayer", filed corporate papers and started Leland Cherry Company. Without any source of capital, she started applying to the endless credit card offers she was receiving. 

Fast forward four years, the money had run out and the company was in serious financial trouble. Michelle took another huge leap of faith and bravely approached John W. Fisher of Fisher Properties of Indiana—the grandfather of a long-time friend—and asked for a business loan. He agreed, wrote a large check and even accepted a handwritten IOU as collateral! Michelle will always be forever grateful to Fisher Properties of Indiana.

By 2008, Leland Cherry Company was growing rapidly and Michelle knew she would need more outside investors. In September of that same year the company's name changed to Michelle's Miracle®, was reincorporated into a Delaware Corporation and was able to attract other investors in addition to Fisher Properties of Indiana.

Today Michelle's Miracle sells Cherry Works™ Tart Cherry Dietary Supplements, currently available in three different varieties, as well as Cherry Works Tablets and Chewables. All these products are in national distribution (Select Nutrition, UNFI East and West, KEHE, Natures Best, Cherry Capital Foods, Health Food Distributors), as well as online at website and by phone: 800-939-3199.

Michelle’s Mantra

“To provide products that promote Health, Vibrancy, and Peace.”

Michelle White